After a long day trip…

I finally got back to do a little work on the markup and layout after a long twenty-eight hour trip to the “Grand Casino Cashada” in Louisiana. Wells had planned a trip therefor their cool employees, and Brandy was one of them. Out of the twenty-eight hours eight of those were spent on the bus, so you can imagine my excitement. The lavatory on the bus left a little bit to be desired as the a/c and lock were broken, not to mention the smell.

Both of the bus trips started out at the crack of dawn (8-9am, not an early bird) and I tried to sleep, but the seats on the bus were not the most comfortable in the world. I guess at least I am back at home now.

Anyway I got to working on the layout and settings, trying to focus on getting the auto-post to a specific mailbox set up. This was a great feature that Blogger offered, but I’m having a little trouble with it. Such a shame.