Milestones Occur, I Swear

Yay! After four days I’m back to WordPress again and I have everything working the way I wanted in the first place. Blogger was easy to manage and all, but it still feels better to have a little more control.

I finally finished texturing the kitchen! There was a crack in the ceiling that would not go away, but I finally got rid of it on Wednesday. I gave blood on Tuesday like a good soldier, but came down with flu-like symptoms the next day. It’s happened before and according to the Red Corss I should inform them that I was sick the next day, but I figure whoever got my blood can handle whatever I had, if I even had anything. I wish the nurse involved had done a better job taking the tourniquet (1, 2) off my arm while I was pumping blood into the bag.

Few Weeks Wrap-Up

It’s been a while since I posted, so I figured I would take some time and make an update. A few weekends ago we went on a trip to New Braunfels with some friends of Brandy’s and had a pretty good time. There were no serious injuries to speak of, although we did lose a tube that was never found which was a source of astonishment on our part. We couldn’t figure out how a tube could just up and disappear without a trace, but later we just chalked it up to river theft. After the trip we took a little breather before starting in on the rest of the alcohol, but the floating and the drinking seemed to be a little too much for Brandy, who cashed in shortly after we docked and showered.

And while I’m on the subject of passing out, Nick took a great picture of Tino last week. After pandering through the night the pair ended up at Chachos, a local bar/food place on Westhiemer, and Tino decided that the table was a good place to call it a night. All in all the picture is not that good since it’s from a phone, but I just start imagining all the nasty things that have been on that table and my skin just starts to crawl. I also like to pretend that there is a pool of drool forming.

Nick will be moving to his new condo shortly, and I must say that his experience with building it has seemed quite a bit easier than my exploits with remodeling and updating an older one. I can appreciate the differences between a house and a condo and weigh the pros and cons of both, but having sanding down sheet rock and ceilings for weeks at a time has definitely tipped me in the other direction. Brandy and I have already decided that any future home will need to be okay as-is, with no need for improvements, or a new build. At least I learned a lot from remodeling, and now I fully appreciate the benefits of paying some one to do something that they are better at than you. Yay for me!

I dropped by CostCo to pick up some pictures for Brandy and I broke down and bought a Rio player I had been looking at for a few months now. I have been debating with myself on whther I should by an IPod or some thing that has solid state memory for a while now, so finding this player with a slot for SD memory cleched the deal. Two days later I saw this on Hot Deals with 3 gigs more capacity, and now they are really selling them, instead of just pretending to sell them. A friend of mine thinks they stopped selling them because people were removing the 4 gig hard drive and replacing it with a smaller one and using the hard drive for other purposes (NY Times soul contract required). Now he thinks they have sautered the drives in or something, so they are able to sell them again. I’m not sure if I would get this if I had been presented with both choices upon purchase. The larger capacity is nice, but I can’t imagine jogging is all that good for the hard drive in the player. I think going with SD was the right choice but that remains to be seen. Until then I can wonder if I should have just spent another 275 dollars and bought the IPod. Stupid tantalizing clickwheel, why does it have to taunt me so?

I finally gave up

I tried to like the WordPress, tried to setup and customize it enough to enjoy it, but with no luck. I really wanted to use it; there were so many features that I liked a lot, but I just couldn’t make it completely work for me. The sad part is that the only feature I was really missing was the ability to email blogs in to be published. Too bad… Now I am safely back in the hands of, hoping they don’t choose to up and steal my blog one day. You never know, I am pretty important.

The good news is that since I haven’t been wasting my time working on customizing the WordPress setup I had plenty of time to work on the house, knowing out more of the floating work. I now just have one more full round of sanding to go, followed by touch-up. I’m pretty excited, as this means no more white boogers ashy appearance, thank god. Once the walls are complete the last really messy part of texturing the ceiling and walls though not so much on the walls. Have to go pretty heavy on the ceiling thanks to the previous owners putting a snowflake pattern texture all over the ceiling which forces me to sand it first and then texture, hoping to cover it up. I think I did a fair job of it in the dining room, but I’m not really objective.