I finally gave up

I tried to like the WordPress, tried to setup and customize it enough to enjoy it, but with no luck. I really wanted to use it; there were so many features that I liked a lot, but I just couldn’t make it completely work for me. The sad part is that the only feature I was really missing was the ability to email blogs in to be published. Too bad… Now I am safely back in the hands of blogger.com, hoping they don’t choose to up and steal my blog one day. You never know, I am pretty important.

The good news is that since I haven’t been wasting my time working on customizing the WordPress setup I had plenty of time to work on the house, knowing out more of the floating work. I now just have one more full round of sanding to go, followed by touch-up. I’m pretty excited, as this means no more white boogers ashy appearance, thank god. Once the walls are complete the last really messy part of texturing the ceiling and walls though not so much on the walls. Have to go pretty heavy on the ceiling thanks to the previous owners putting a snowflake pattern texture all over the ceiling which forces me to sand it first and then texture, hoping to cover it up. I think I did a fair job of it in the dining room, but I’m not really objective.