FireFox Extensions, Part II

I found this page that does a step by step on how to write extensions for FireFox (which is the coolest browser in the world) and thought I would document it but putting it up here. With a working knowledge of XML and JavaScript it seems I could whip something up pretty easily, if only I could come up with and idea…

The howto also links to a page that will generate (via perl) a >a href=””>GUID/UID for you, although I think it would have been cooler if he had set up a web service for it, instead of having to copy and paste it. I really like GUID/UIDs.

The J-Walk blog had an interesting link to a reverse mouse game. I’ve sliging the mouse left handed for a few years now, and I found it pretty difficult until I switched back to the right. I didn’t like how you had to pick the mouse up and physically move it to stay in bounds, but I guess that happens everywhere. Even right handed I am a pretty sloppy mouse guy, which I sure speaks volumes about my personality. And jut for the record, this is much harder after a few drinks.

And I just think this is a really funny story.