Cheated by Coca Cola

I came across an issue where it looked like the good folks at the Coca Cola Bottling Company have shorted me on a bottle of the Diet Coke that I purchased with my hard earned money.

Initial Glimpse

I double checked to make sure that they were both 2 liter bottles, and not one 2 liter and one 1.75 liter bottle. Again I was dumbfounded.


Just to make sure, I checked the lids to make sure that maybe Brandy hadn’t opened one up and drank a swig or some thing like that. She does strange things like that some times.


I guess I am just a victim of the Coca Cola organization. In the future I will be much more careful when selecting my bottles, instead of random selection. No more of the trusting Jason…

Anyway, Meraz was in town this past weekend, and we had a pretty good time. The pictures are posted here. Now that the secret of him not ever moving back are out, it makes his visits a lot more enjoyable.

I found this story (via J-Walk) about spam models and just about died. I think if I were going to show up in hundreds of thousands of ad I would at least change outfits a few times. It is a nice dress though.

Another thing I found from J-Walk was a link to the eBay auction for the bike lock and the Bic pens that can be used to open it. I started checking out the questions section (ebay account required), and thought it was worth posting.