Please, Vote!

There is a fairly important election coming up in the next few months, and I feel obligated, like so many others, to try and help inform people of where to vote and when (November 2, for those who have been in spider holes for a while).

Kottke has set up a nice page describing the process involved, and I have tried to go the extra step to help provide information for those in Harris county (Houston, for those not in the know).

I found an official Harris county FAQ which answers some of the most common questions regarding voting and stuff. Here are a few ( 1, 2 ) sites that have locations of where you can vote, on early and on the normal election day. This may be a Red state and there may not be a lot of incintive to vote, but it the only opportunity to express your own opinion.

If you are un-happy with the incumbants in your district you can find out their names here and decide whether to vote for them or not. It’s important to remember there is an election every year and not just every four years.

This is maybe an ‘official’ harris country site that explains how the voting work machines in Harris county.