Search for DHS funny pictures

I was reading through my blogroll this morning and I saw that Mr. Sun was doing his customary Friday Google image search, and as I was looking though the creepy clown images I remembered these DHS images that Mike had shown me a few years ago. These images took real pictures and changed the caption to make them funny (which didn’t take a lot of work after looking at the pictures). I was determined to find them again so I started my own Google image search for these gems.

I started by searching for “terrorist safety pamphlets” and got nada, so I changed the search to “terrorist safety images”, which got several results but the ones I was looking for were not in the first three pages so I decided to refine a little more. I finally ended up searching for “terrorist images” and still no luck, but I did find this picture about the dangers of music downloading.

Bin Laden wants you to download music

Declaring defeat I contacted Mike and he did a much better Google search (but wouldn’t tell me what for) and found the original site that was a spoof of this site. Before he found it he sent this link to random images from what I can only assume to be someone’s web site. I briefly browsed through the images and decided to showcase a few choice pics
Fight Club flight activities Don't drink and carve

After re-reading and re-laughing I decided to go through the original search results some more and see if I could find any other funny terrorism stuff (so many terrorism things are funny) in the results. I didn’t find a huge amount of funny things, but I did find this handy terrorism for kids manual about how to deal with terrorism when you are but a wee child, as well as this sesame street homage.


Google is pretty great, and can really help pass the time.