The Island

Had a pretty eventful weekend in the house, managing to get the island and its frame assembled but not quite put together. I had to wait for the liquid nails to dry on the two by fours and tile. I decided to leave a message for the next people who have the pleasure of ripping out the cabinets that I have so lovingly installed, and I figured the best place would be under the island inside the two by four frame. The first idea I had was pretty lame, as it just consisted of a silly message about unleashing demons. Brandy and I both had a pretty bad reaction to this so I had to change it. I remembered how much we hated the blue tiles and wood cabinets that had been installed by the previous owners, so I came to the comclusion that one day some lucky home owner might hate the cabinets and countertops that we installed just as much as we did. Then I got the idea to put a picture of the old kitchen and a note that let those home owners know how good they had it, and how they could have been left with woo centraland a blue everywhere. I put it under the island and taped it to the floor. I picture the discovery going a little like this:

John: (while demolishing island) God, I can’t believe these people would choose white cabinets for the entire kitchen! It is so overpowering!
Jane: (while standing by idly, watching) I know! I hate these people. And black appliances! What were they thinking?
John: (lifting island) Can you help me with this?
Jane: No honey, it’s to heavy for me!
John: Damn it!
Jane: Don’t be mad…
John: GGUUUHHH! (tumbling the island over) What is that?

Preview of Note

Jane: It looks like a note…
John: (realization dawning) Oh wow…


Jane: I don’t care, it still looks terrible…
John: Yeah, those guys suck.