We’re going to be parents…

Working on the house yesterday, attention was called to the plant in the kitchen window sill that was slowly dying. The plant has had a long run with our family. It was a gift from Brandy’s mom commemorating some occasion of some sort that I don’t remember that well.

Now Brandy has never been one to keep plants alive for very long so I kind of dismissed it’s arrival, thinking it would die within the
week. But that plant managed to hold on for months, through construction, vacations and apathy. I didn’t know if she was watering the
plants or just if they were sucking moister out of the air, so one day I asked Brandy how they were getting watered. Turns out if she
passed the plant with a beverage she would pour some in, regardless of what the beverage was. Afterwards I saw her pour sprite in it
so she could toss the can away. Nice life.

So leave it to say I was not surprised at this time that the plant was finally dead. Then today I noticed that the plant had been
moved to the bathroom sink. It kind of had a morgue look to it there, with the same green and white background, so I was immediately creeped out. Then I started thinking it looked like the plant from The Little Shop of Horrors, and I had to make sure it was out of the house quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted it to meet with a nice ending, given it’s long run with us. So I put it in the dumpster for pickup the next day.

And we’re going to be parents. Pretty scary.