Powerful thoughts

Brandy and I have been running out of TV to watch, so we started tivoing Law & Order on TNT (they really know drama, but don’t know not to buy a dot tv domain) a few weeks ago. Since the show has been on for over a decade TNT can afford to play it a couple times a day and we’re always trying to keep up with it. We started making decisions on which shows to watch based on the actors in them, but we were kind of split down the middle on the male assistant DA, though we agreed which females we liked the best. Brandy has a crush on Chris Noth so she especially liked the ones with him (and I think he’ll be making a comeback soon). One actor we hands-down liked was Jerry Orbach but we couldn’t figure out whether he was alive or not. I guess the reasons for us to like him depended greatly on this status, though I’m not sure why. I double checked last night and found out that he was alive after all, imagine our happiness! Today I got this email from Brandy.

To: Jason
From: Brandy
Subject: Jerry Orbach

Breaking news on ABC’s site is that he just died, probably because you and I have been trying to figure out if he was alive or not. That’ll teach you not to ask questions!

I just hope that our powerful thinking didn’t kill him. Aside from a few hokey Murder She Wrote appearances we were huge fans.