White XMas in Houston

In December of 2004 we had the first snow that stuck that I can remember. Like every other person who has a blog, I took pictures and am posting them. However, unlike those other guys I am doing it a month later. I am super original. Links are below.

Foxwood Snow pictures

New theme

I’ve been playing around with the themes available in the beta version of WordPress, and I changed up the site (backing up the old version of course) with a new thme. I actually managed to make a new logo all by myself. I might have had a little help in the idea department from some anonymous advertiser, who knows.

I just tried the Firefox spell check for the first time, and it doesn’t work. That’s a bummer, since I suck at spelling and get lazy about pasting posts into Word to check them.

Backup Script

This is a backup script that I found online that I use to back up data on my home file server. It’s your standard bash script using tar and logger to make full and incremental backups. I figured that if I was going to use it I should at least give it the appropriate props. I changed it up so that I could do backups more than once a day as well as log results to the syslog. I also added a line to remove files older than 6 days. I added this because the weekly backups were a little too big and I had to delete the previous weeks before making the current weeks. Not the best DR strategy, but oh well.

Backup script

Crawfish art contest

We were hanging out at some friends of ours who were having a crawfish boil. Brandy got a little trashed, so in that moment I turned into ‘da da da duh’, the designated driver. While eating I would get request like ‘clean one for me, they’re so gross!’. And like any dutiful husband I would clean some for her to eat.

However, despite being mostly sober I was having a bit of a time with some new-found art, which was mostly due to Brandy’s requests. I would take the poop trail and try to spell words with them, eventually getting my name! It was a blast, shameful toward the family it might be. Maybe the child can forgive us, if he wants to go to college. See pics below.

Poop trail

Red Cross made a mess of me

There was a blood drive at my office and I figured it was my duty to donate, since I was feeling healthy that day. So I stand in line for what seems like forever and then get up to the questionnaire that asks if you’ve ever slept with a monkey, and if so how long ago. Surprisingly they did not know about me and BoBo, so I went on to round two, the finger prick. This booth always scares the shit out of me, even with the thought that soon a HUGE hollow needle will be going into my arm for several minutes. Something about that little prick in my finger creeps me out even more. So I manned up took the stick, thankfully making it to the cot to get prepped for the stick in the crook of the arm.

I must have drawn the newest nurse in the world, because she took her time putting that needle in, saying ‘Ooops!’ far to many times for me to be okay. The worst part was she had forgotten to take the tourniquet off my arm once the needle was out, so I had to try an fill the bad with what had already drained into my arm before she took the flow away. I managed to buck up like a champ and get that bag filled in record time, regardless.

So I figured I had done another successful blood donation. Yay for me! Turns out the next day my left arm developed these bruises near my elbow, the side of my arm and near where the stick had been. I figured it was due to the Nazi tourniquet she had on me at the time, but I would later be told that she had punctured my vein all the way through, making it bleed inside my arm; hence the bruising. I was also told it would not be a problem, and it would go away pretty soon, but I took some pictures of it anyway.

It just goes to show you, when the Red Cross shows up in a van, you get the fuck out of there. Only their biggest idiots get put on the van. Either that or their evil geniuses who want to see how much pain they can inflict on the world.

Passing out in public

These are pretty old pictures, but I felt that they needed to be posted so that no on forgot them. The first is my lovley bride after a trip down the Guadelupe river, filled with jello shots and sunburn.

Brandy out like a light

The second is Tino crashed out at Chachos after a full night at Treasures.

Tino is cashed

All in all, public drunkeness is fun. I wish I had a picture of me falling into the bushes, that would have been great!

OB/GYN oddities

Today was the day that I met the obstetrician for the first time to view the ultrasound. Up until this visit I had not been invited, go figure. While I was there I saw a few strange things that I thought needed mentioning

The first was in the waiting room. There was a wall where pround parents could post up pictures of the children that I can only assume that they had produced with the assistance of the doctors at the hospital. One child, whose parents must have really hated, was dressed just like a Chippendale dancer. I was unable to get a good picture for some reason, hence the blurriness. I guess it will help me when the parents decide they do love their child and sue me.

The second funny thing I saw was this poster describing the best way to ash your cigarette after the child is born.

Finally, there was some toilet humor that had to be taken care of to pass the time in the examination room.

Burning down the house

We were installing the oven vent hood over the weekend and put some cardboard over the top of the stove, trying to protect the stove top from being. We had purchased a slide-in unit with flat electric burners and were worried that messing aorund on top might scratch it; seemingly a reasonable idea. The only problem was that the knobs for the burners are on the front and we were pressed up against them (not in a creepy way though) and accidentally turned them on. I started smelling something strange but ignored it at first, thinking that some gas had been passed. Then the smell started getting worse, and I had to say something. Turns our we had turned on all the nurners and the large one had heated up pretty quick, starting to burn through the cardboard. Needless to say, we removed the offending cardboard and turned off the burners. No harm done, other than looking silly and smelling the house up.

Brandy was nice enough to take a picture (pictured below) of the goof. She is so great. To her credit, she reacted much better than the Great Gas Fire of 2005, which was an incident where the bathroom furnace was left on for the greater part of a day. That resulted in a very hot bathroom and unpleasant natural gas aroma throughout the house. Whoops.