Burning down the house

We were installing the oven vent hood over the weekend and put some cardboard over the top of the stove, trying to protect the stove top from being. We had purchased a slide-in unit with flat electric burners and were worried that messing aorund on top might scratch it; seemingly a reasonable idea. The only problem was that the knobs for the burners are on the front and we were pressed up against them (not in a creepy way though) and accidentally turned them on. I started smelling something strange but ignored it at first, thinking that some gas had been passed. Then the smell started getting worse, and I had to say something. Turns our we had turned on all the nurners and the large one had heated up pretty quick, starting to burn through the cardboard. Needless to say, we removed the offending cardboard and turned off the burners. No harm done, other than looking silly and smelling the house up.

Brandy was nice enough to take a picture (pictured below) of the goof. She is so great. To her credit, she reacted much better than the Great Gas Fire of 2005, which was an incident where the bathroom furnace was left on for the greater part of a day. That resulted in a very hot bathroom and unpleasant natural gas aroma throughout the house. Whoops.