OB/GYN oddities

Today was the day that I met the obstetrician for the first time to view the ultrasound. Up until this visit I had not been invited, go figure. While I was there I saw a few strange things that I thought needed mentioning

The first was in the waiting room. There was a wall where pround parents could post up pictures of the children that I can only assume that they had produced with the assistance of the doctors at the hospital. One child, whose parents must have really hated, was dressed just like a Chippendale dancer. I was unable to get a good picture for some reason, hence the blurriness. I guess it will help me when the parents decide they do love their child and sue me.

The second funny thing I saw was this poster describing the best way to ash your cigarette after the child is born.

Finally, there was some toilet humor that had to be taken care of to pass the time in the examination room.