Thumb drive

My 256 thumb drive is cracking up on me; thrown too many times I guess. I ordered another one but had to use one of the spares in the meantime. It was either that or plug it in seen times to get it to work. at first I thought it was the work laptop, but then it started happening everywhere. Sadly, the time had com to buy another one. It had severed me well. At least now I can trade in the pretty pink color for a Fuchsia JumpDrive. Yay for me! I am all man with my girlie colors! I might as well wear pride colors all day, to promote my acceptance of multi-something. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Merry Xmas from SBC

Over the xmas holidays SBC decided to block outgoing traffic on port 25 (Simple Mail Relay Protocol), thus preventing users from being able to send mail, but still being able to receive mail. This is ironic, because while a large amount of zombie spam machines were rendered ineffective (unless they had a plan b) the users them selves get locked down just the same. These users will be able to read all about how they’re friends can’t wait to hear replies from them, little Johnny might be dying to hear back from them, but to no avail. They are stuck in a word in which information on flows to them, not from them. Oh the humanity!

I wonder how much pain and suffering could have been avoided by a mass mailing (dare I say spam?) to the users, explaining the simple steps to alleviate the situation. Hopefully SBC project managers are looking at this and trying to come up with better deployment plans. Maybe. Maybe they think it’s funny.

That Old Top 40 Sound

I heard this story yesterday on NPR and decided that it needed little more investigation. In the interview they overlay a Nckelback and Avril Lavigne song, and the results are pretty funny. I found this site that does an overlay of two of Nickelbacks songs. Goes to show that top 40 music really does all sound the same.

NPR uses PHP; they are great.

John Heffron at the Improv

On Saturday Brandy and I went to see John Heffron’s new year’s day show and had a pretty good time. We were torn between he and Todd Glass on Last Comic Standing, but we were very happy one of our picks finally won something. Hear that Apprentice? We are sooo representative of America, next time just call us directly instead of letting people vote and getting Jay London into the finals!

I really like shows like LCS because they introduce me to new comedians that I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise, giving me more names to look for on the local comedy club sites. I still can’t figure out what happened to the last couple of shows from the last season; we Tivoed the show, but it never showed up. One day Brandy just told me that he won, but I think we caught the replay on Bravo or something. We got turned on (not literally, gross) to Jim Norton the same way, through Tough Crowd.

Anyway, since we showed up super early we had the option of sitting directly next to the stage, which we promptly declined. Turns out it was a pretty good decision since three of the five tables were reverse heckled by two different comics. Heffron busted one of the couples for showing up to the show 2 nights in a row AND sitting in the same seats! He asked on of the other tables if they were dating or not. The guy gave a maybe so face and the girl did a HELL NO head shake. You could hear the Debbie Downer noise in the background, poor guy.

Chrismukkah is better

This type of thing is exactly the reason I have beef with xmas. I would prefer an O.C. style Chrismukkah any day. Take 2 pseudo religious holidays and combine them into one event where you end up with your exes, and then convince your best friend to date the half-sister you never knew you had. I wonder if you’d still get the same time off at work…

(via, through (Charles Cuffner)