Music metadata problems never end

I spent an embarrassingly large part of my weekend updating the ID3 tags on the music collection we have accumulated over the years. We have ripped an obscene amount of music, totaling over 17 gigs. The sucky thing about that is most of the songs have little or no metadata attached to them, so when you try to play them in one of the mainstream players you end up listening to a whole mess of songs labeled ‘track1’ or ‘untitled’. I started the task of labeling all the songs a few months ago, using a program called tag that I found on a Google search a while back. I recently went searching for an updated version, but I have yet to find this program again (so sad). Anyway, this app can write to the ID3 tags using the file name, which I had meticulously labeled using a ‘artist (yeah right) – album – track – song title’ format for the past three years since I have so much of a life. After I wrote the tags I had to go through all the files and correct the mistakes I made during the re-labeling that got written to the tags. After that debacle I then imported them into your favorite media manager, and then edited the genres. Now I just have to put in the year produced and I will be finished, until I decide that I need to have some other super important fact while listening to ‘Ice Ice Baby’.

Will it ever end?