The coolest baby clothes ever, but the lamest bed stuff

Brandy found these baby clothes that help parents express funny ideas as if they were the baby’s joke. Very clever. I think that this is my favorite one, definitely a must-have for any new parents.

Most people don’t think about how lame baby things are, but when you start looking for clothes for your new child that don’t scream ‘beat the shit out of me’ you find that most baby clothes are indeed lame. The worst part is looking for bedding in their room. It’s like every designer in the world found the most country patterns (pastels only please) they could find, and/or gay little animals, and the put some denim or rope around it and called it done. We have yet to find a single set of bed things that come in a _solid_ color! If you think I’m lying, look for yourself and prove me wrong, I would love that.