More Debbie Downer stuff and related links

A few weeks ago I made this post about the noise on the SNL skit, Debbie Downer. Since then I’ve been getting a lot of hits from searches looking for variations on that topic, such as

  • debbie downer
  • debbie downer
  • debbie downer wav file
  • saturday night live pictures debbie downer
  • debbie downer sound effect
  • “debbie downer”
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  • “Debbie Downer” + “sound”

So I decided that I would Google a bit to see how far up on the search list this post had showed up, and it turns out that search for plain old “Debbie Downer” (sans quotes) it was 10th out of 33000! It makes you wonder why there are so many results over a skit that for all intents and purposes barley finished due to laughter from the cast (thanks to Jimmy Fallon).

I started checking out some of the other results associated with Debbie Downer, and found a few interesting links.

Google Search results

  • First result – A script of the entire skit, with laughter notes Link
  • Third Result – An article by some guy who wanted to extol the benefits of the cast cracking up. I have always found the laughing skits more interesting than the others; it was one of the traits that made Jimmy Fallon endearing (they even made a joke about it in the apprentice skit). Link

Google Images Search results

  • First Result – An expected result, a picture of Debbie Downer. Link
  • Second Result – The real life Debbie Downer. Link
  • Third Result – I’m not sure how this is related to Debbie Downer, but I wish the picture had not been pulled off the server. It’s a picture of what I think is the Debbie Downer Bike team. Link

I also got a few hits for people looking for the noise that Stephen Colbert’s God Machine makes on the daily show. I did a few searches for it but I have yet to find out what the noise is actually for, although I’ll keep looking. I’m a huge fan of the God Machine, mostly because it’s a very politically charged phrase, just like ‘the Military Machine’.

Half Bathroom progress

After over a year we finally got around to starting on the half bathroom. The plan all along was to convert the existing half bathroom into a full bathroom, but the kitchen and living room took precedence since they were more visible and we already had a full bath. The upcoming offspring has forced my hand to try and get the bathroom finished before June and I just got most of the demolition done last weekend. Now I get to come home after work and work on wiring and stuff, which is super fun! Photos below.

bathroom photos

Another reason babycat is only fit to be dog food

Another post about babycat; I’ll be a catblogger in no time. Notice the pieces of litter she dragged in from the litter box. Those little pieces are all part of her master plan to move the litter box to the bed, one piece of litter at a time. Then it won’t matter that she poops in the bed, because that will be the new litter box. I’m sure Brandy and I will sleep comfortably in the bathroom cabinet where it used to be…