The strange people at lunch today

We went to Sweet Tomatoes today for lunch and discovered that on Saturday afternoon only the strangest people come to each there. While I was there I found when I looked around the restaurant.

  • A creepy couple that had matching perms (HE-perm and SHE-perm), each checking 4 times that they would be able to eat more than once to the salad bar, holding the line up for several minutes
  • Have preggo Brandy get cut off by the SHE-perm on the way to the coke fountain
  • the three people dressed up in Sunday best (though it’s Saturday) and refuse to speak throughout their meal, just glare menacingly
  • The woman who had food all over her face that totally busted Brandy and I staring and laughing

Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to get any pictures, but believe me that would have been great!

My sad flip flop story

Brandy and I were playing “get in the nook” in the dining room and I slipped and broke one of my flip flops. This is a pretty big deal because these were the best flip flops I have ever owned. Most flip flops are pretty standard, with a plastic or vinyl toe-part and hard, flat rubber sole. This model works pretty well for normal walking, but the real flaw comes when the floor becomes the least bit wet. On any wet or slick surface these ordinary flip flops become “whoa” flip flops, or death traps. The default behavior or hard rubber on a slick surface is to slide, which doesn’t work out that well for walking.

Now a few years ago The Gap came out with these flips flops that deviated from the normal design in that they had soft treaded rubber soles instead of hard flat ones, not to mention the soft vinyl toe-parts on the top. The shoes don’t slip on wet surfaces; they just allow you to walk normally! When I saw these I bought as many pairs as I could, which was 2. The summer season was over so the flip flop stock was dwindling, but I bought as many as I could find in my size (1) and then another for good measure. Texas summers last a lot longer than fashion summers, so I was still able to wear them for several months. I was upset that I couldn’t find any more, but I figured that I would be able to pick more up next year. I mean with such a solid product they had to bring it back next year, right? Wrong. Instead they came out with these ugly flip flops that had leather/suede on top and hard rubber soles, similar to the old Tevas but much harder, making them very slippery when walking on wet surfaces. In addition to that the leather would soak up any water and make even the shoes slippery. The shoes may have been fashionable, but they were not the least bit practical. The Gap had failed me.

I’ve been waiting for these flip flops to re-appear since that fateful year, and they have yet to show up anywhere. The closest I have found were a pair that friend of mine had purchased in Colorado, made by Teva, and of course they don’t sell them in Houston. I thought about taking a tourist trip up to get a pair and seeing some sights as well, but I thought that sounded a bit extreme.

That’s the story of the best flip flops I have ever owned. I was very upset about the loss, especially since it was the pair that fit correctly. The other pair are little big and feel a little gangly on me. Brandy felt [pretty bad about it, because I was very sad, but that didn’t keep her from almost peeing herself with laughter over my slip-and-break. I really hope The Gap comes out with these flip flops again, and if so I know that this time I will but at least 5, probably 10. I have learned that if you like something a lot (and I liked these way more than a lot) you should buy a bunch, because products that are fashionable and products that are well designed only synch up on rare occasions.

Ads in RSS feeds

John Battelle wrote this post regarding the small beta of RSS feeds that Google is doing right now. I didn’t think about it at the time, but it looks like Slashdot is doing the same thing, though I don’t know whether this is Google provided or not.


The Slashdot feeds are served up by feedster.

Stupid jokes are not okay when you reach a certain age

Today at work I made a trip to the restroom, like many days, but today I decided to go to the restroom on the other side of the building. I do this because I get little or no exercise at work or at home, so I figured it couldn’t hurt. As I was making this huge journey I overheard a part of a conversation between two middle aged men.

Hey *****, I think I ‘fingered it out’!

Yeah, what’s the problem?

Now the sad part is not that these men were middle aged, since I am creeping up on thirty that and I would be kind of a hypocrite. The sad part is that the guy who said ‘fingered’ as a joke is middle aged, and that his joke was so not funny that even the other middle aged man didn’t think it was funny, he simply responded as if he had said nothing special.

If your clever saying doesn’t get laughs after your 30th birthday then stop saying it, for everyone’s sake. Especially yours. Nobody, but nobody, likes the ‘cool’ dad that makes bad jokes.

Referrer traffic was down for a while, but now it’s back

I noticed yesterday that the referrer spam traffic was down to nothing this morning and I got hopeful that it would be gone forever. I pictured a ninja-like attack on the spammer’s data center where they set off the gas, shutting the machines down, and then assassinating the executives one by one.

Turns out it was just on hiatus for a few hours, and it back as strong as ever. [sigh] I guess even bots have to take some personal time.

I do have to give props to Gatekeeper, which does a great job of ridding me of comment spam. WordPress has some pretty good moderation tools in place now, but the challenge question works out pretty well. The Kubrik Kubrick creator suggested another method but I’m not sure I want to try it out.

Changed spelling of “Kubrik” to “Kubrick”. Whoops.

National language of Taiwan is NOT “Taiwanese”, but it IS a word

Brandy and I were discussing a friend’s trip to Taiwan (I don’t remember why) when I asked which dialect of Chinese she (the friend) spoke. Brandy then informed me that she spoke Mandarin (which I will always think of as an orange and giggle, because I am an adult) and that it was the “official” language of Taiwan. I said that I was pretty sure it was, but she followed up with “What did you think it was, ‘Taiwanese’?” and then she cracked up laughing.

Apparently Brandy wasn’t sure that ‘Taiwanese’ was a word (I have to admit that I didn’t either) and she felt that adding an ‘ese’ onto the word ‘Taiwan’ was essentially making up a word, kind of like ‘Houston’ + ‘ese’ = Houstonese (someone originally from Houston). By this rationale I could have also attended ‘Texasese’ schools, and now have a ‘Lazybrookese’ home.

It was at this point that I said I was pretty sure that it WAS a word, so she checked and indeed it was. Turns out we had a ‘hilarity ensued’ moment for nothing. [insert whammy noise here.]

Watching Starskey and Hutch, again

I was checking out how tall Ben Stiller was (5′ 8″, just below average) when I saw this quote.

For a while, Ben had to settle for guest appearance work. While he was doing this, he saved up his cash and in the end was able to scrape enough together to make Reality Bites (1994), now a cult classic which is looked upon favorably by the generation it depicted.

What generation is that exactly? The one that thought Diamond Shamrock and Nirvana were awesome? I can’t decide if I am part of this generation or not. Should I be ashamed?

Daily Show re-creation of the presidential friendship levels

The Daily Show had a piece that explained the different levels of friendships that the president has. This chart was a parody of a comment by the press secretary claiming that Tom Delay was a friend of the president, but that there were many levels of ‘friends’. I looked around for a copy on Google but I couldn’t find one, so I figured I would re-create it. you might notice the parallel to the DHS threat levels, but I’m sure that wasn’t intentional.

Presidential friendship levels