Stupid jokes are not okay when you reach a certain age

Today at work I made a trip to the restroom, like many days, but today I decided to go to the restroom on the other side of the building. I do this because I get little or no exercise at work or at home, so I figured it couldn’t hurt. As I was making this huge journey I overheard a part of a conversation between two middle aged men.

Hey *****, I think I ‘fingered it out’!

Yeah, what’s the problem?

Now the sad part is not that these men were middle aged, since I am creeping up on thirty that and I would be kind of a hypocrite. The sad part is that the guy who said ‘fingered’ as a joke is middle aged, and that his joke was so not funny that even the other middle aged man didn’t think it was funny, he simply responded as if he had said nothing special.

If your clever saying doesn’t get laughs after your 30th birthday then stop saying it, for everyone’s sake. Especially yours. Nobody, but nobody, likes the ‘cool’ dad that makes bad jokes.