The strange people at lunch today

We went to Sweet Tomatoes today for lunch and discovered that on Saturday afternoon only the strangest people come to each there. While I was there I found when I looked around the restaurant.

  • A creepy couple that had matching perms (HE-perm and SHE-perm), each checking 4 times that they would be able to eat more than once to the salad bar, holding the line up for several minutes
  • Have preggo Brandy get cut off by the SHE-perm on the way to the coke fountain
  • the three people dressed up in Sunday best (though it’s Saturday) and refuse to speak throughout their meal, just glare menacingly
  • The woman who had food all over her face that totally busted Brandy and I staring and laughing

Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to get any pictures, but believe me that would have been great!