Issues with flickr categorization, but it’s still great! Yay for Flickr!

I’ve been using Flickr for a few months now, and I have really enjoyed it. My favorite feature is the ability to add meta data to photos (even if it is only in a flash interface) but there are several features that many may hold above that. Overall I have had a very pleasant experience, and they recently sent me an notice thanking me for being an early adopter.

I thought this was pretty nice of them, but of course I have a complaint. Flickr allows you to add tags to your photos, put your photos in sets, or put your photos in groups (shared), all of which can be hyperlinked to. Now I like both features, but the issue I have is with the sets. Flickr’s behavior has seemed to only encourage use of the tags instead of sets, since it seems that only tags are searchable (I could be wrong about this). I guess its nice for Flickr to offer multiple ways to categorize your data, but I think it’s a limitation since you can’t count on one way to search for photos.

I propose that Flickr change sets up to be expanded tags, such as _tagname. This might prove to make it difficult to have a ‘shared pool’, but I’m sure the geniuses at Flickr/Ask Jeeves will be able to figure it out without too much difficulty. Give me one medium or another to share photos with other people, but make sure that the methods work well with each other, as opposed to one method serving as redundant information. I want to upload pictures and allow people to view them based on tags, sets, comments, notes or the time take/uploaded. Time seems to be the biggest problem of all, since you can make tags for events, but not tags for time itself (other than using clock values as tags, which feels like a poor solution to me). Since most cameras include tons of meta data with pictures now you would think it would be pretty easy to pull of time categorization. maybe I just need to look into the search details more, who knows?

While I’m throwing complaints around, should give a few complements as well. I love that Flickr provides RSS feeds for just about everything. It brings my cold heart joy when I go into Bloglines and see a picture like this in my “poop” subscription. As far as creativity with Flickr’s features goes, Clockworks has done a group pool to try and capture the different faces of the clocks, which I thought was a pretty good idea. I uploaded a shot of the Kitty Kat Clock and submitted it, but no go. I think they were looking for rounder clocks, but I really think the clock is funny. There have also been plenty of people combining Google Map’s new satellite features and Flickr’s notes to make memory maps, also an interesting idea. Kind of enforces the parallel between blogging and scrap booking (shiver).

Bathroom work continues

Did a little more work on the bathroom last night, throwing up a few pieces of sheet rock. Brandy made a new album in the Gallery (I can’t get her to user Flickr, sigh) with some before and after shots.

Bathroom photos

There’s a bluebonnet field across the street, but I wish there wasn’t

Across the street from our house if a concrete enclosed bayou (since this is the bayou city) in a forty foot grassy ravine. Along the banks wildflowers, mostly bluebonnets right now but later there will be Indian paintbrushes, grow in the spring months. Aparrently these flowers make great backdrops for memorable photos, epsecially those involving pets and small children. The sucky thing about this for us is that, being the corner house, people decide to park in front of our house and then walk across the street to the fields. Now it’s lame enough that everyone and their dog (literaly) are hanging out across the street from us taking lame pictures (and probably casing the joint as well) but then they have to park all up in our yard while they do it.

I managed to get a few covert shots of the family (and their vehile in front of the house) during their visit.

Bluebonnet fields are great!

More work on the bathroom, this time plumbing

Paul came over last weekend and we/he did some more work on the bathroom. The weekend before we had put in the source plumbing for the tub and the task was to follow up with the drain. In order to do that we had to dig under the house and tie into the existing drain for the toilet. I started digging the holes earlier in the week, with moderate sucsess. I managed to get a few pictures of the piping after the work was done, but fuck a whole bunch of doing that shit again. Paul even did most of the hard work, like finding and installing pipes, but I was still dirt tired by the end of the day. Remodeling a home yourself may save a lot of money, but it’s a tough call to say if it’s worth it. Pictures below.

Digging in the dirt

Maternity waistbands are super cool, but not for me

Brandy got some new maternity pants, mostly due to a lack of motivation in doing laundry. She deceide dot model them for me, to show me what a cute pregnant girl she is.

Pregnant pants model

I checked out the waistband and thought that it seemed pretty big, so I figured I would give the pants a go. The results were not nearly as impressive.

Pregnant pants model gone bad

Hard at work, yet hardly working

To: Jason
From: Brandy
Subject: Fever Pitch

Did you know this was a Faralley brothers movie? It is getting good

To: Brandy
From: Jason
Subject: Re: Fever Pitch

I didn’t know that, but with hindsight that makes sense. It has the
same kind of feel to it. You want to see it don’t you? Maybe it
won’t be as bad as Taxi.

To: Jason
From: Brandy
Subject: Re: Fever Pitch

That’s exactly what I thought too, that he better make up for it, but
they say he does.

To: Brandy
From: Jason
Subject: Re: Fever Pitch

That’s funny that the critics made a direct comparison. Hollywood is
so unforgiving to some people. They hardly ever give proven actors
shit for being in bad movies. When Blade Trinity came out nobody said
‘this makes up for too wong fu’.

Of course it it was my first thought too so I can’t get on too high of a horse. You didn’t even have to see Taxi to know if was going to be terrible, sorry Jimmy.

Babycat and her booger shame

More photos of Brandy’s embarrassing cat. This time she had so much snot leaking out that she got cat food stuck to her nose for who knows how long. If only prolonged nasal contact with cat food was toxic for cats…

baby cat and her booger