Audi in a ditch

Nick caught a great shot of a car in the ditch the other day. This totally makes up for not being able to see Tino’s car after his ditch experience.

Audi in a ditch

The power came back on, yay!

I was getting a little antsy about staying at the in-laws instead of our house, so Brandy called Centerpoint to see if they could give us an ETA on the power coming back on in the house. After they asked her for her address, phone number, social, and TDL they felt secure enough to tell her that a truck was on the way to Lazybrook to address an outage on Sea King (the street behind us). Around 9:30 I decided to take a quick drive over there to see if the power had come back on during that hour, but it was a no go.

I decided it would be a great idea to track the Centerpoint guy down and find out how long the power would be out from the technician instead of the customer service rep, since they seemed pretty clueless anyway. I drove around the neighborhood for a few minutes and didn’t see the truck, but I did find out that there was an entire 3 blocks without power. I was about to give up when I thought about checking the lines that ran along 18th. Sure enough there was my guy, taking a ‘break’ at the Diamond Shamrock having a cup of sludge. Since I didn’t want to interrupt his coffee I left him alone and went back to the in laws house to stay for the night.

We went back home this morning to find that they had gotten the power back on about an hour after my little drive by, which means that my prediction at the end of my last post turned out to be correct! Now that’s service! Good thing I wasn’t a grandmother that couldn’t drive and whose relatives didn’t think to check up on her.

Unfortunately, the power is still out

We went by the house around 5:00 and the power was still out. I tossed the perishables in the refrigerator but I was surprised to find that the contents of the freezer were still solid as a rock! I thought about throwing out the still frozen stuff (since I had a friend with a bad experience) but in the end I decided against it. According to Centerpoint they have a truck on the way to Lazybrook now (circa 8:32). With any luck we’ll get the power back on tonight, with just a 24 hour turnaround. Way to go Centerpoint!

The power went off in Lazybrook

Around 9:30 last night the power flickered off just as I was in the middle of a full backup of the data on our file server. Since the power same right back on I figured that the power would stay on for the rest off the night regardless of the storm, so I restarted the backup. Wouldn’t you know it, at 10:30 the power went off and stayed off all night. After a few hours of hanging around the house we got so hot and bored that we had to pack it up and head over to air conditioned glory of Bandy’s parents house. I keep checking for an SSH connection to the home computer hoping the power will come on, but I am totally unwilling to spend any time in the house without A/C. Houston in the summer time sucks. The Centerpoint/Reliant repair line told us that there were 120.000 people without power in an attempt to make us feel better because at least other people were suffering as well. Surprisingly this information did not make me feel any better.

More work on the nursery and bathroom

We accomplished some stuff over the weekend. The nursery finally got put tgether, furniture and all! The bathroom didn’t get a whole lot of attention but the toilet, crown and electrical did get installed and the touch up around the crown was accomplished.

Nursery renovation set Bathroom renovation set

The leering of the Prius

We bought a Prius the other day and I’ve been driving it around waiting for the friendly wave from other Prius owners and the awed stares of people who are super impressed by our super hybrid car. Well today I went to Best Buy during lunch today to return a modem (don’t ask). Anyway, I was sitting in the car putting all the pieces back in the box trying to make it look like I hadn’t used the product that much (I hadn’t) when I saw a shadow coming up around the right side of the car. I turned my head and saw that it was an old man walk around the car, but he was staring me down pretty hard. I figured he was just taking a look on the way to his car so I kept putting the modem back in the box, but the guy walked in front of the car and continued to mad dog me while I was busy packing. Slightly creeped out, I started staring back at him trying to get him to stop walking around the car and staring. Then I noticed that creepy guy had a friend who was walking around the car staring as well.

Now at this point I turned my look from one of slight annoyance to one of super annoyance. It was at this point that the dirty guy and his friend took off to wherever. After they left I wondered if Prius owners are supposed to just be okay with people checking their car out, whether appreciation or with a “look at that hippie” attitude, or if it’s okay to be like ‘quit looking at my car, creepy guy’. I think I’ll stick with the latter if it’s going to be guys that look like the two did today.

Future cowboy killer in the grocery store

Brandy and I were doing the grocery shopping when we saw this kid shopping with his mother. The kid was wearing a cowboy hat and had the biggest sour puss I had seen on a kid in a while. I tend to hate most children but this kid had a look that looked like he hated everyone and would grow up to be a great serial killer. Maybe he’ll wear the cowboy hat when he kills and they can call him the cowboy killer. The disguise should work out well in Texas; he’ll blend right in with the sheriffs department.

Cowboy killer

Some things shouldn’t be uploaded to Flickr, poop tag or not

Almost everything on Flickr can be viewed through an RSS feed, so to mess around with it I subscribed to the feed for things uploaded with the “poop” tag. I has turned up a lot of interesting pictures, but today some pictures of actual human feces, pumped up (or out I guess) with a massive load of a type of laxative. I had read about this type of “colon cleaning” before here which had plenty of pictures, but one these new pictures really had me worried because it looks like the dude pooped blood out along with whatever gross stuff came out. The guy uses the net handle “clean colon”, and seems to be pretty gung-ho about uploading poop pictures. I guess this is the type of thing that a Flickr account is good for; pictures below.

I hope this guy's okay

Is this creepy or not?

Once you log into Flickr it shows you the last for pictures you have uploaded as well as the last four pictures that have been uploaded for the whole site. It’s pretty interesting sometimes to click through them, but tonight I found this guy who has well over 50 images of women’s feet, and that’s it. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up I was so weirded out, but maybe that’s totally normal.