The leering of the Prius

We bought a Prius the other day and I’ve been driving it around waiting for the friendly wave from other Prius owners and the awed stares of people who are super impressed by our super hybrid car. Well today I went to Best Buy during lunch today to return a modem (don’t ask). Anyway, I was sitting in the car putting all the pieces back in the box trying to make it look like I hadn’t used the product that much (I hadn’t) when I saw a shadow coming up around the right side of the car. I turned my head and saw that it was an old man walk around the car, but he was staring me down pretty hard. I figured he was just taking a look on the way to his car so I kept putting the modem back in the box, but the guy walked in front of the car and continued to mad dog me while I was busy packing. Slightly creeped out, I started staring back at him trying to get him to stop walking around the car and staring. Then I noticed that creepy guy had a friend who was walking around the car staring as well.

Now at this point I turned my look from one of slight annoyance to one of super annoyance. It was at this point that the dirty guy and his friend took off to wherever. After they left I wondered if Prius owners are supposed to just be okay with people checking their car out, whether appreciation or with a “look at that hippie” attitude, or if it’s okay to be like ‘quit looking at my car, creepy guy’. I think I’ll stick with the latter if it’s going to be guys that look like the two did today.