The power went off in Lazybrook

Around 9:30 last night the power flickered off just as I was in the middle of a full backup of the data on our file server. Since the power same right back on I figured that the power would stay on for the rest off the night regardless of the storm, so I restarted the backup. Wouldn’t you know it, at 10:30 the power went off and stayed off all night. After a few hours of hanging around the house we got so hot and bored that we had to pack it up and head over to air conditioned glory of Bandy’s parents house. I keep checking for an SSH connection to the home computer hoping the power will come on, but I am totally unwilling to spend any time in the house without A/C. Houston in the summer time sucks. The Centerpoint/Reliant repair line told us that there were 120.000 people without power in an attempt to make us feel better because at least other people were suffering as well. Surprisingly this information did not make me feel any better.