The power came back on, yay!

I was getting a little antsy about staying at the in-laws instead of our house, so Brandy called Centerpoint to see if they could give us an ETA on the power coming back on in the house. After they asked her for her address, phone number, social, and TDL they felt secure enough to tell her that a truck was on the way to Lazybrook to address an outage on Sea King (the street behind us). Around 9:30 I decided to take a quick drive over there to see if the power had come back on during that hour, but it was a no go.

I decided it would be a great idea to track the Centerpoint guy down and find out how long the power would be out from the technician instead of the customer service rep, since they seemed pretty clueless anyway. I drove around the neighborhood for a few minutes and didn’t see the truck, but I did find out that there was an entire 3 blocks without power. I was about to give up when I thought about checking the lines that ran along 18th. Sure enough there was my guy, taking a ‘break’ at the Diamond Shamrock having a cup of sludge. Since I didn’t want to interrupt his coffee I left him alone and went back to the in laws house to stay for the night.

We went back home this morning to find that they had gotten the power back on about an hour after my little drive by, which means that my prediction at the end of my last post turned out to be correct! Now that’s service! Good thing I wasn’t a grandmother that couldn’t drive and whose relatives didn’t think to check up on her.