Bathroom work continues

The half bathroom to full bathroom conversion work goes on. After the sheet rock was hung we hired some contractors to float and tape and they finished in 4 amazing hours, those fuckers. We chose a blue for the bathroom, (look for “Rain Storm” on Behrsince we seem to only choose dark colors for the house.

Musical sell outs

In my sophomore year of high school I remember there being a lot of buzz about Pearl Jam going around, mostly due to a part-time music critic who worked at the school. Into my junior and senior year the same people who raved about the band the prior year were not critical of them. The normal criticisms were that they had ‘sold out’ or were ‘too mainstream’ with the overall opinion of the peer group (openly anyway) that the band was no long ‘liked. Now I could understand having heard a song a few too many times, since pop stations have a habit of playing the same 10 songs over and over, but refusing to admit that a song is/was good simply because it gets play seems a little silly.

I wonder if these same opinions occur in other music circles, or if it is unique to what I would of-so-anciently refer to as the ‘alternative’ music scene. Did music lovers in the eighteenth century stop listening to Mozart after his music started regularly being played? Were there any remarks made that he had ‘sold out’ when kings all over played his compositions at debutante balls, eager to be viewed by their daughters as ‘hip’? Do christians stop listening to Amy Grant when she gets pop hits (I guess just one), claiming that she has lost sight of her followers? So many questions…

The great fashion sense of tech shoppers

I stopped in at the new Fry’s on 59 and saw this woman walking in wearing these jeans. I swear they had to have been caught brought here in a time machine with a direct link to the 90’s. I wanted to beg her to not wear them anymore, since tech people have a bad enough reputation as it is; get out your pocket protectors and 10 sided die. Whoo hoo!

Stripes are bad

The Dairy Queen blunder

We went to Dairy Queen for a fat boy moment

Them: Welcome to Dairy Queen, can I take your order?

Me: I’d like a medium Blizzard with brownies and a large Blizzard with cookie dough and Reeses penises

Them: Um…

Me: (Amidst laughter) I mean pieces, sorry.

Of course the large was for me, but I would have felt better if I had said it as a joke instead of just misspeaking

If you didn’t already think Texans were stupid…

Texas is working hard to pass a law banning gay couples from adopting, reported here. This had to be done because obviously gay couples would have a higher chance of bringing up a serial killer, especially since they had already thumbed their nose at god by ‘choosing’ to be gay. Why can’t the state government do anything that doesn’t make us look like the funny talking, Quaker idiots? They can revoke sodomy laws but not allow the now-legal sodomy-doers to adopt? There might be a mixed message there…

Now, to make it worse, our state congress is trying to pass a law banning cheerleaders from shaking their ass at sporting events. Now I’m not all about the whole ‘teen-ho’ trend going on right now, especially when you see titty shirts on 3 year olds, but come on! Why would anyone go to a high school sporting event if there weren’t cheerleaders? It’s bad enough that you have the crazy sports parents at those games anyway, you need a little distraction.

Now if only they could hit all the trailer parks in the state and ask them their opinions on these potential laws, that would be just perfect. Why don’t we just openly elect Klansmen instead of this low profile stuff? It doesn’t seem like they care about what the rest of the country thinks of Texans anway. Yee-haw!