Dylan is wearing me out a little

A shot of me showin signs of wear and tear from having to feed a crying baby every couple of hours. A system has sort of been devised now but it’s still kind of a pain. I get off easy though, so I can’t compain too much. I’m glad I don’t have to pump milk out in addition to feeding.

Sleeping on the job

Amazing falling woman flash game

Wow, I can’t believe how enthralling this flash falling woman thingee is. The woman creepily falls through this maze of bubbles, but you can change her movements by clicking and dragging. I like how you can squeeze her though openings that she wouldn’t normally fit through. Also notice that the breasts don’t move at all; probably silicone.

( via JWalk )

Free things in Lazybrook

We drove by our neighbor’s house the other day and saw this sign. I had just been thinking to myself that I needed several sets of one or two mismatched tiles so that I could make a mosaic of the Virgin Mary in my front yard. Lucky for me! Unfortunately they were all out of the free paint, so I wasn’t able to really go to town on decorating it. I was hoping to match the sea and mermaid mural in the neighbors back yard. Oh well. Maybe there will be another giveaway in the neighborhood that offers something equally or more impressive. One can only hope.

Free paint in the neighborhood

Oh no

The boy came home from the NICU tonight, and I keep checking on him as he sleeps. Just now he started making noises so I went to check it out. Near as I can figure he was sort waking up just to shit his pants, then went back to sleep. I’m beginning to wonder if this was such a smart move.

Spinning wheels

I hope after reading this article about Terry Schiavo that Congress feels like they wasted their time calling secret midnight sessions to subpoena. Maybe next time they spot a story that the feel they can gain political ground on they will think twice. Especially if all it takes is an autopsy to prove how stupid they are. Maybe next time they’ll just focus on something more appropriate, like mandating living wills, similar to how car insurance is mandated. If only career politicians would focus on fixing the problem instead of focusing on the hotly debated symptoms, like cheerleaders that dance too sexy.

If only they had followed my advice on the matter.

I should get a job as a milkman

After the scare of the emergency cesarean section last week I ended up staying at the hospital until Saturday evening. They didn’t have any regular rooms so Brandy was kept in ICU for almost the entirety of our visit. Because we were in ICU we couldn’t have more than 2 visitors at a time, which was kind of a pain, and since the baby is still in ICU no one but parents and grandparents can see the baby.

Brandy wasn’t able to walk or get up very well for a day or two so I had to take pictures of the baby to prove that he was real, and not just a trick we were playing on her. I spent most of my time in the hospital going back and forth between the adult ICU and the baby ICU delivering milk and taking pictures. There is nothing better than listing your reason for visiting as “delivering breast milk”, especially when you’re a man.

Overall the experience was not that bad. If we could have dispensed with the first 12 hours and the part where we couldn’t take the baby home it would have been great!

Baby Dylan can go to Neverland now

Now that Michael Jackson has been aquitted I can send Dylan to go stay with him, since he totally DID NOT fondle little boys. Next time I feel like commiting a crime I’ll just hop over to California to do it, since I know I’ll get away with it.

This hospital is not geek friendly

I brought my laptop to the hospital so that I could upload pictures of Dylan for the HUGE amounts of people who would want to see pictures of our newborn child, or at least the 10 family members who might want to. I thought that there would be TONS of access points, wired or not, around the hospital. I mean, they have at least three computers in every room so they must be getting on the network somehow, right? I’m not picky so I brought a wireless card and a cable to try and be as flexible as possible. Imagine my surprise when all the hard ports are dead and all the wireless networks are wide open, but have the lowest signal strength in the world. I walked all over the halls looking for anything other than a ‘Very Low’ connection (I know, My XP is showing) but to no avail. Finally I saw a guy in the ICU waiting room that seemed to be surfing away with no problem and when I asked him how he was connected he nonchalantly said “Oh, they have a wireless network set up all over the place”. Faith renewed, I sat down in the waiting room and intently fired up the network connection finder only to find that there was no connection. I thought about asking the guy for more specifics, but it just didn’t seem worth the trouble of socializing.

Later on in the day I decided to try again and sat in the EXACT same place as homie was when he was connected and lo and behold it worked, albeit with a low connection, however when I moved either the laptop or my body the connection died. Anyway, not to be anti climatic, but as near as I can figure the access point that I was connection to was on the floor above me, and I was only able to connect in certain spots because of the air vents in the ceiling, so if I moved my hand anywhere over the wireless card the connection went poof . Talk about feeling ghetto, typing with your arms ONLY over the front keyboard and trying to stay as still as possible. I hope I creeped some people out and ruined their opinion of Texas Women’s, because this place sucks for anyone who wants to use a computer, or at least anyone who wants to use a computer on the ICU floor. I guess the opinion from the hospital is that people who have loved ones who might possibly die in intensive care probably don’t want to check out what Joe Schmo the blogger has to say for a few hours. Oh how wrong they are.

Baby was born last night

Dylan was born last night via caesarian section around 20:30, due to toxemia problems. He weighed 3 pounds, 11 ounces (not sure what that is in kilograms) and was about 3 days away from going to term. He and Brandy are both in ICU but doing fine. Here are some pictures.

Pictures from Dylan's birthday

More Prius leering, leading to conversation this time

As Brandy and I were going home we stopped by Jason’s Deli to pick up some take out and had another Prius leering episode. Brandy had decided to stay in the car while I went in, and I was getting ready to order when I noticed a woman staring out the window at the car. She caught me looking at her an just as I started to order my muffaletta and taco salad she said “Is that your car?’. I said yes and asked her to hold on while I ordered. Apparently while I was ordering she and her husband decided to go outside and circle the car like Indians (sorry, native Americans) at a wagon train, creeping Brandy out in the process. They came back in just as I finished paying and I engaged in some conversation about how I liked the car and such.

I mentioned in this post how I was unsure of what my reaction to this type of thing should be, and I’ve sure decided that it’s much harder to ignore this ‘friendly’ attack in person.