More Prius leering, leading to conversation this time

As Brandy and I were going home we stopped by Jason’s Deli to pick up some take out and had another Prius leering episode. Brandy had decided to stay in the car while I went in, and I was getting ready to order when I noticed a woman staring out the window at the car. She caught me looking at her an just as I started to order my muffaletta and taco salad she said “Is that your car?’. I said yes and asked her to hold on while I ordered. Apparently while I was ordering she and her husband decided to go outside and circle the car like Indians (sorry, native Americans) at a wagon train, creeping Brandy out in the process. They came back in just as I finished paying and I engaged in some conversation about how I liked the car and such.

I mentioned in this post how I was unsure of what my reaction to this type of thing should be, and I’ve sure decided that it’s much harder to ignore this ‘friendly’ attack in person.