This hospital is not geek friendly

I brought my laptop to the hospital so that I could upload pictures of Dylan for the HUGE amounts of people who would want to see pictures of our newborn child, or at least the 10 family members who might want to. I thought that there would be TONS of access points, wired or not, around the hospital. I mean, they have at least three computers in every room so they must be getting on the network somehow, right? I’m not picky so I brought a wireless card and a cable to try and be as flexible as possible. Imagine my surprise when all the hard ports are dead and all the wireless networks are wide open, but have the lowest signal strength in the world. I walked all over the halls looking for anything other than a ‘Very Low’ connection (I know, My XP is showing) but to no avail. Finally I saw a guy in the ICU waiting room that seemed to be surfing away with no problem and when I asked him how he was connected he nonchalantly said “Oh, they have a wireless network set up all over the place”. Faith renewed, I sat down in the waiting room and intently fired up the network connection finder only to find that there was no connection. I thought about asking the guy for more specifics, but it just didn’t seem worth the trouble of socializing.

Later on in the day I decided to try again and sat in the EXACT same place as homie was when he was connected and lo and behold it worked, albeit with a low connection, however when I moved either the laptop or my body the connection died. Anyway, not to be anti climatic, but as near as I can figure the access point that I was connection to was on the floor above me, and I was only able to connect in certain spots because of the air vents in the ceiling, so if I moved my hand anywhere over the wireless card the connection went poof . Talk about feeling ghetto, typing with your arms ONLY over the front keyboard and trying to stay as still as possible. I hope I creeped some people out and ruined their opinion of Texas Women’s, because this place sucks for anyone who wants to use a computer, or at least anyone who wants to use a computer on the ICU floor. I guess the opinion from the hospital is that people who have loved ones who might possibly die in intensive care probably don’t want to check out what Joe Schmo the blogger has to say for a few hours. Oh how wrong they are.