I should get a job as a milkman

After the scare of the emergency cesarean section last week I ended up staying at the hospital until Saturday evening. They didn’t have any regular rooms so Brandy was kept in ICU for almost the entirety of our visit. Because we were in ICU we couldn’t have more than 2 visitors at a time, which was kind of a pain, and since the baby is still in ICU no one but parents and grandparents can see the baby.

Brandy wasn’t able to walk or get up very well for a day or two so I had to take pictures of the baby to prove that he was real, and not just a trick we were playing on her. I spent most of my time in the hospital going back and forth between the adult ICU and the baby ICU delivering milk and taking pictures. There is nothing better than listing your reason for visiting as “delivering breast milk”, especially when you’re a man.

Overall the experience was not that bad. If we could have dispensed with the first 12 hours and the part where we couldn’t take the baby home it would have been great!