This London thing is crazy

I don’t read/watch the news so I didn’t know about the London bombing until I got an email from Nick (who is there right now) saying that he was okay. I took that to be enough news for me for the day and didn’t follow up to find out what had actually happened until a woman I met in a meeting asked me if there were any new developments. I took that as a sign that I should check it out and now I’m glued to the TV.

CNN (the most reputable news source in the world) claims that there is a ripple effect going on in the sates because of the attack and that they are checking most forms of public transportation in major cities. I wonder if the Homeland Security Notifier will change colors soon?

All jokes aside, my heart (cold as it is) goes out to those involved in this tragedy.

Wella, wella Uh-huh!

Dylan was pretty small when he was born so even premie clothes were fitting him very loosley. We stuck some pants on him that were gang banger baggy, even though they were supposedly for premies.

Big Pants

It seems that his gorging on milk has paid off, since he has finally grown out of something. We were putting some fotted PJs on him the other night and noticed that it didn’t fit as well as it had before. The PJs were so snug that they kind of resembled the jumpsuits that Elvis wore during the 70’s. See pictures below.

The King The King