It’s too late to be cool about posting, but Google Talk is pretty cool

I started playing around with signing onto Talk last night after I read a post about the settings you needed to plug in to GAIM, which I use. I found this post which explained it down to the clicks and I got it working. With no one to talk with it was okay, but just another IM client to keep up with.

Today I had a few friends point out that you can make PC to PC voice calls using the client, so I figured I would check it out and see if it was worth using the stand alone client versus GAIM. Well I tried it out and the Google client is super cool! Even though I’m not much of a phone call guy the ability to make one that quickly is pretty neat, and the quality of the call was fine ( a little feedback though). So I guess I will slave through using two clients for a while, at least until one of the offers the features that the other does (I hope it’s the Google client, GAIM looks kind of ghetto).

I think that this will start a new era when it comes to annoying the shit out of people though. One of the cool things about IM is that you can’t see or hear people, and I think the phone call thing will get a little obnoxious. Not to mention you’ve going to have a bunch of people talking to their laptop screens instead of a person/phone. That’s even creepier than the whole hands free “talk to the cord” thing.

Actually, the WAP stuff wasn’t as easy as I thought

I’m trying out an Audiovox SMT 5600 right now (pictured below) and in this post I talked about how I got the WAP settings going and was able to surf from the phone. However this assessment was a little premature.

SMT 5600

One of the cool things about T-Mobile was that they have an unlimited internet service (aka TZones) for only 5.99 USD, which is by far the cheapest o the market. Someone at T-Mobile must have figured that out, because back in July they did something to the access point ( that prevented all by WAP (text only) access. This was noted on several forums that I read and there were tons of posts with people trying different settings and getting results, but I didn’t find any that worked for me. I was not about to upgrade to the 19.99 USD plan, because that seemed too much for phone internet access; no one wants to pay that much for 2×1 ” web pages.

I was just about to give up, which meant I would be giving up on the phone as well, when I found this post with the T-Mobile settings that worked for me! Bliss! So I figured I would post the settings here, just in case.

GPRS Connections:
Name: whatever

Proxy Connections:
name: whatever1
Connects From: The Internet
Connects To: WAP Network
Type: HTTP

name: whatever2
Connects From: The Internet
Connects To: WAP Network
Type: WAP

Then you set everything to automatic and it should just work! It only took me 2.5 days to figure that out. I had almost convinced myself that I could just be okay with the Pass Through Connection (using the PC’s internet connection through USB or Bluetooth) but not quite. I had even thought about setting up a Bluetooth access point in my house so that I could stay connected to the internet as long as I was less than 30-40 feet from the computer dongle. I would have felt pretty ghetto about that though, so I’m glad the GPRS stuff came together.

WAP browsing

I’ve been playing around with a new phone lately and found this WAP index file for WordPress (it’s number 2 under PHP) which I though was pretty cool. Then I added my own version of the code from this WordPress forum that rediercts a mobile device to the WAP site based on the headers.

// Redirect WAP browsers to WML page
if(preg_match("/vnd.wap.wml/",$_SERVER['http_accept'])) {

While I was making my own site mobile friendly I decided to check my options out on catching up on my RSS feeds from th mobile device and I also found that Bloglines has a mobile version of it’s site as well, which makes the WordPress WAP file kind of moot. That makes it a ton easier than searching around looking for the URL to a site’s mobile version, having to scroll around for years on a normal sized page and a tiny screen or having to type a million different site names on the smallest keyboard in the world. I guess now I can scroll through my RSS feeds wherever I am.

Bully for me.

Bill has trackbacks now!

After a summer of non-code, Bill has released a new version of his Bloo software (a PHP/MySQL blog package) and now it includes trackbacks. I thought I’d take this opportunity to see how they work. Now that this must-have blog tool is implemented can table-less DHTML be far behind?

I’m not sure how I found this, but

I thought this was an interesting use of Adobe Photoshop and Flickr. It makes me wish I had more of an imagination when posting images, but sadly I don’t. 🙁

Flickr ID card

I really enjoy creeping through other people’s images on Flickr. It gives you a new look at photography as well as the opportunity to find some super funny stuff. Plus, if you’re feeling extra lecherous, you can find all sorts of pornography masked as ‘arty’ shots. They are supposed ot moderate the pictures but I don’t think they have enough time or resources to catch them all, or deal with the ‘nakedness is beautiful’ cries.

More funny than creepy

I also found out that my friend Bill’s site has a doppelganer on blogspot when I found this post on the faker’s site.

As long as I was digging around I thought I’d check me out, and I found this blog entry that had linked to some of my Flickr photos. Not only did I get mad props for making use of Flickr notes (I think they’re great) but he didn’t even go off on the bathroom colors. Yay for me and my formerly green bathroom! Thanks for the mention Aaron!

So many links…