WAP browsing

I’ve been playing around with a new phone lately and found this WAP index file for WordPress (it’s number 2 under PHP) which I though was pretty cool. Then I added my own version of the code from this WordPress forum that rediercts a mobile device to the WAP site based on the headers.

// Redirect WAP browsers to WML page
if(preg_match("/vnd.wap.wml/",$_SERVER['http_accept'])) {
  header("Location: http://qcumberland.com/wp-wap.php");

While I was making my own site mobile friendly I decided to check my options out on catching up on my RSS feeds from th mobile device and I also found that Bloglines has a mobile version of it’s site as well, which makes the WordPress WAP file kind of moot. That makes it a ton easier than searching around looking for the URL to a site’s mobile version, having to scroll around for years on a normal sized page and a tiny screen or having to type a million different site names on the smallest keyboard in the world. I guess now I can scroll through my RSS feeds wherever I am.

Bully for me.