Actually, the WAP stuff wasn’t as easy as I thought

I’m trying out an Audiovox SMT 5600 right now (pictured below) and in this post I talked about how I got the WAP settings going and was able to surf from the phone. However this assessment was a little premature.

SMT 5600

One of the cool things about T-Mobile was that they have an unlimited internet service (aka TZones) for only 5.99 USD, which is by far the cheapest o the market. Someone at T-Mobile must have figured that out, because back in July they did something to the access point ( that prevented all by WAP (text only) access. This was noted on several forums that I read and there were tons of posts with people trying different settings and getting results, but I didn’t find any that worked for me. I was not about to upgrade to the 19.99 USD plan, because that seemed too much for phone internet access; no one wants to pay that much for 2×1 ” web pages.

I was just about to give up, which meant I would be giving up on the phone as well, when I found this post with the T-Mobile settings that worked for me! Bliss! So I figured I would post the settings here, just in case.

GPRS Connections:
Name: whatever

Proxy Connections:
name: whatever1
Connects From: The Internet
Connects To: WAP Network
Type: HTTP

name: whatever2
Connects From: The Internet
Connects To: WAP Network
Type: WAP

Then you set everything to automatic and it should just work! It only took me 2.5 days to figure that out. I had almost convinced myself that I could just be okay with the Pass Through Connection (using the PC’s internet connection through USB or Bluetooth) but not quite. I had even thought about setting up a Bluetooth access point in my house so that I could stay connected to the internet as long as I was less than 30-40 feet from the computer dongle. I would have felt pretty ghetto about that though, so I’m glad the GPRS stuff came together.