It’s too late to be cool about posting, but Google Talk is pretty cool

I started playing around with signing onto Talk last night after I read a post about the settings you needed to plug in to GAIM, which I use. I found this post which explained it down to the clicks and I got it working. With no one to talk with it was okay, but just another IM client to keep up with.

Today I had a few friends point out that you can make PC to PC voice calls using the client, so I figured I would check it out and see if it was worth using the stand alone client versus GAIM. Well I tried it out and the Google client is super cool! Even though I’m not much of a phone call guy the ability to make one that quickly is pretty neat, and the quality of the call was fine ( a little feedback though). So I guess I will slave through using two clients for a while, at least until one of the offers the features that the other does (I hope it’s the Google client, GAIM looks kind of ghetto).

I think that this will start a new era when it comes to annoying the shit out of people though. One of the cool things about IM is that you can’t see or hear people, and I think the phone call thing will get a little obnoxious. Not to mention you’ve going to have a bunch of people talking to their laptop screens instead of a person/phone. That’s even creepier than the whole hands free “talk to the cord” thing.