Some things I hope the powers that be in Houston have learned…

These are just a few of my observations from this whole hurricane “tragedy” in Houston

  • You can’t evacuate without gas and clear highways
  • Evacuations themselves can lead to loss of life

    Deaths in affected areas: 0

    Deaths due to evacuation: 25 or 26 as of 09/25/2005
  • Using a 700 mile wide “cone of probability” is probably not a great idea
  • Early evacuation notice (even a voluntary one) will quickly lead to mass panic and hoarding
  • Locating 80% of the nation’s refineries in one place is a stupid idea
  • There’s something wrong with evacuees needing to have refreshments served to them on the freeway by the people who stayed in town
  • It’s better to sit at home with A/C than spend 24 hours in a car to go to Dallas (who wants to go to Dallas anyway?)
  • It sucks when all the restaurants in town close