Bloglines now has keyboard shrtcuts

I logged into Bloglines as usual and saw that they have taken the Google path and added keyboard shortcuts to their interface. I can’t find a direct link to the shortcuts, but they are described below.

I’m pretty excited about this, being a keyboard guy, but I really wish they had used the same layout as Google. Both services are pretty content-related so the controls of each interface are about the same, and it would have been nice to only have to remember one set.

Hopefully this new rash of AJAX applications doing bring in a new era of vi versus emacs layout fighting; as if tech guys didn’t already have enough standards to argue about already.

  • j – next article
  • k – previous article
  • s – next sub
  • f – next folder
  • A – read all
  • r – refresh left pane

Update (10/13/2005 15:15):
I found the link to the new Bloglines shortcut keys, via the Bloglines pseudo blog.