Judging from various sources, it’s like people WANT the stupid “Browser Wars” to happen. Again.

I’ve seen a few posts here and there about Flock over the past couple of days or so but I didn’t find it interesting enough to follow through and find out what it was, but once it appeared on Slashdot I figured it was worth a look.

In addition to many comedic reactions references to bird and lemming-like behavior all, the posts I read about Flock had this creepy “we want to see a fight!” ring to them. I guess people forgot that the end result of the last browser resulted in a four year stint of no browser innovation! I’m all about sidestepping bureaucracy when the red tape is too thick, but how hard would it have been to bite the bullet, stick to the Mozilla plan, and just design a suite of extensions? This guy set up a site just to play with posting from Flock and notes that it does have some cool features that the Firefox base doesn’t come with (which is totally true), but I’ve found extensions to do most of them. It’s not going to help OSS success all that much to have practically the same products competing with each other. That’s almost as silly as fighting over keeping a single button mouse.

On the upside, at least this won’t (I hope, god I hope) add yet another browser to the list when coming up with CSS.

I guess this explains why he started a new blog to try out the Flock log posting