What kind of person keeps Trojans in their desk anyway?

I left my old job about a week ago, but the week before this the company had decided to move all the IT folks down a floor. We were in a four story building, and it had been laid out where the division executives were located on the fourth floor, while the data center and IT staff took up about half of the third floor, while the second floor remained party occupied.

I guess the folks at old job figured they were wasting money having so much space free so they decided to rent out the fourth floor and bump everyone down a floor. I tried to convince them that I was moving in a week and that I could save them money by not moving, but no go.

Now the director of the developers was out of town for the move, so his admin had to box up his stuff and move it for him in his absence. The only problem was that the ‘boxes’ were see through tupperware containers, so when his stuff was moved to the new cube the internals were all on display. Several coworkers noticed that along with pens and pencils he had a pack of Trojan condoms packed into his boxes. I’m not sure why a married man would need Trojans in his desk at the office, but maybe I haven’t thought about it from all the angles.

Whatever the case it sure is creepy to see that stuff at work, not to mention being the guy that keeps them there. I can handle toothbrushes (that just hygienic), even razors, but condoms? That’s just creepy. So take your condoms home before you move; no one wants to see that.