the spit that almost got away

Dylan has started the teething process so he drools pretty much constantly. He really likes to try and jam as much of his fist in his mouth as he can so he can churn up a nice frothy load of spit. I figured that his deal was to try and christen as much as he could with his drool, but the other day I saw him dribble drool out of his mouth, it was growing like a stalactite on steroids, and then suck every last bit of it back into his mouth. Then he laughed; oh how he laughed.

It was then that I realized that his true goal was to get as much filth in his mouth as he could. He does this knowing that in order to generate a really nasty crew that you have to get rid of the clean drool, but don’t throw out the dirty drool in the process. Kids are probably the epitome of nastiness, with their hands in and out of everything and back into their mouth.