Simpson blackboard quote

On The Simpsons the other day the chalkboard quote said “Do teachers still make students do this anymore?” I don’t think I’ve ever had to do this once in my 16+ years of school, but I did have write lines when I was in a private school in Austin. The punishment was 10 pages and I don’t remember what the entire sentence was, but I know it has the word “iniquity” in it. I guess fourth graders in private school have a larger vocabulary than those public school-ers.

I got the punishment on Friday along with another guy in class, though I don’t remember what we did, but he forgot to write the sentence down or something, because I got a call from the kid’s mother later on that day to get it. When she called me up and I read it to her she laughed out loud when I got to the word “iniquity” and asked me to repeat it. I don’t remember thinking it was funny then, but it sure it now. Ha ha.

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