If you’re looking for a great laugh, check out Trapped in the Closet

We had a fine xmas celebration this year, celebrating with all of our families (we have 4 sets of grandparents). We don’t normally do the present thing, but we did get the R. Kelly Trapped in the Closet DVD from Andrea. I got a little anxious to watch it and left it in the DVD player at Brandy’s parent’s house, but we got it back the next day.

The video that was shown on MTV was actually only chapters 1 through 6, but the DVD has chapters 1 through 12, so imagine our surprise at this added value! We popped it in last night and watched the first half with anticipation to see if there were any cool features that got cut out of the radio/tv version, but it turns out that the profanity was STILL blanked out, darn! As we got to the second half we figured i would be more of the same strange coincidences, and it was, but then he starts singing about white trash women and other strange subjects. At one point he starts singing about midgets, and I just about peed myself!

So if you’re in need of a holiday pick-me-up, try picking up R. Kelly’s latest and have a good laugh.