Somebody is a quick editor

Within 1 hour of the Cars leader singer Rick Ocasek putting Todd Rundgren on notice on tonight’s episode of The Colbert Report (pronounced “rapour”), some one had edited his Wikipedia entry to say this.

The New Cars
In late 2005, rumors began circulating that the influential Boston-based band The Cars were planning to reform despite bass player Benjamin Orr’s death and the oft-mentioned refusal of former lead singer Ric Ocasek to even consider any reunion.

Ocasek has had revenge of sorts; on the April 17, 2006 edition of The Colbert Report, show host Stephen Colbert placed Rundgren “on notice” at the behest of Ocasek.

Now that’s taking the bull by the horns. I’d like to give a big “congrats” to both of the page editors! You keep America straight people, keep it up so losers like me can look up useful compelling information.