This kid can’t shut up

This kid was in the waiting room at the doctor’s today and would not stop talking. His biggest concern in the world was getting a lollypop, which unfortunantly the receptionist could not provide. I thought about offering a cough drop, but I didn’t want give him anything with a flavor he could complain about. He just kept talking to his dad, asking about lollypops every 2 minutes or so. The other minute he would let his dad know that he was peeing in his diaper. Right then.? If the kid knows when he’s peeing, shouldn’t he be able ask to go to the bathroom?
I get amazed that I like Dylan so much when I really hate kids. I guess it really is different when they’re yours, or something.


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This kid can't shut up

This kid can’t shut up,
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  1. I would have done anything not to hear “Daddy, I peed” over and over again, but I figured that the cough drop would just cause more problems.

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