Trash and pills make a happy baby any

We flew from Philly to Houston and the only thing that would keep Dylan happy was to let him play with the USA Today from the hotel and the random silk bottle Brandy carries around. That worked great until the three bottles of hush milk we gave him caught up to up 45 minutes before landing. And we were out of diapers.

Luckily the woman who also had a baby and she loaned up a pull up, which we had to ask how to take off for later. It just seemed like you would get poop everywhere, until she told up to just rip the sides and then treat it like a normal diaper. Fun. All three of us ended up crowding into the airplane bathroom to clean up the not so solid mess and then try to figure out which way the diaper went on. All in all it was not so great, but it worked out in the end.


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Trash and pills make a happy baby any

Trash and pills make a happy baby any,
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