After months of inactivity, the bathroom is coming along

Check out the progress we made in the bathroom over just the past two weeks!
Bathroom Progress
Thanks go out to my mom for pushing us (in a nice way) to finish the project by the end of the year, as well as putting in tons of design and labor work. Paul did the infrastructure work, while Brandy and I sat around and fumbled with our hands. We finally felt bad enough about not doing anything that we decided to take on the tiling of the floor. This turned out to be a pretty easy task, and now the bathroom looks very much like it could be completed in time for the holiday season.

Here is the full set of pictures for the master bed and bath; a nice little journey that might take just over 6 months to complete. We’re awesome.
If you don’t already have an RSS feed for the photostream I’ve pasted the link below.

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