Demetri Martin + Windows Vista = Funny product placement

I don’t know how behind I am by just now finding this Vista-sponsored website, starring Demetri Martin. Demetri is a writer and semi-regular on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart; He has a regular piece on the show named Trendspotting, but I think I like his interviews best.

Anyway, I was watching his Comedy Central special tonight (tivoed from who knows when ) and there was this creepy commercial on at the end, ending with So I checked out the website and and followed the “you’re a person” link and ended up at this Windows Vista branded site with six digital shorts (thank you snl) starring Demetri Martin and the people from the creepy commercial. The Vista product placement started pretty quickly, mostly in the form of laptops and presentations, but the shorts were pretty funny, albeit slightly huckabeeish.

I watched 1-5 (i guess I wasn’t too late) and they were pretty interesting, nothing ROTFL, but funny. I just wish I had found this earlier today. If I hadn’t been looking for the branding I probably wouldn’t have noticed it. This seems like a pretty well sponsored deal, I guess Vista marketing guys are working overtime.

Updated: Duh, I should have just read this guy’s site.