Trying new things doesn’t always work out

I’ve always avoided eating alfalfa sprouts because they smell like dirt. I know it’s supposed to be super healthy (why, I don’t know) but the nastiness of its appearance (you buy it with visible dirt on it) has always made me reject it.

Enter the deli at work; they sell a sandwich with Turkey, lettuce, tomato, avocado and sprouts on it. Until today I’ve always switched out the turkey with roast beef and had the sprouts changed out for cucumbers, but today I decided to just get the default sandwich. I was a little antsy about it (such a big decision) but made it like a trooper. I even went so far as to forgo the chips in lieu or a pasta salad (it was awful) to go for that overall ‘healthy’ meal feeling.

So imagine my surprise when I get back to my desk to eat my meal and I discover that sprouts indeed taste just like dirt. It’s not even bad tasting dirt, just dirt, so I’ll probably continue to order the default just because I like not having to say anything else to the sandwich maker. Sad.

But at least I know for sure.

2 Replies to “Trying new things doesn’t always work out”

  1. What is the appropriate level of communication with your sandwich maker?
    I have found that “Everything but olives” does not guarantee you will receive a sandwich without olives.

    I tend to micro-manage my sandwich maker as I have found that if I do not then I find myself with a sandwich that is geared towards meeting Subway’s guidelines not mine.

    Once you have trained your sandwich maker it is perfectly acceptable to allow the person behind you to cut in line so that you are waited on by YOUR sandwich maker.

    Its the little things in life that make a difference and having someone who knows what your “usual” is is a very comforting feeling.

  2. I’m not a big fan of that either, which is why I wish I could just say “tuna sandwich” and they could just have some defaults. It’s not like I really care what’s on there that much, it’s just wasted human interaction.

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