Sometimes I’m too lazy to fast forward through commercials even though I can.? Today I saw an ad that ran on Drawn Together episode (the one where they’re all babies) and saw really fancy ad for fountain pens.? Most of what made it ffancy was the guy with the british accent who did the narration, but they really sold the pen to you.? It was a nice model and sturdy too, at least according to the demo where it was shoved through a soda can and then it still wrote.? The strange part was that they waited until the last 10 seconds to tell you it was part of a set of 5 or 6 pens, with all varieties of tips.? After they drop that bombshell they then told me I could get this great product at my local CVS and Walgreens.? I wonder how often this ad works for them when run at 23:30, and the demographic of the purchasers?